VR Development

VR Bulk Transfer Prototype

- Nov 27th, 2018 -

Above are a couple of "in-game" screnshots as well as photos of some Conference attendees that stopped by and tested the prototype at the Sema/AAPEX show in Las Vegas, NV in October 2018.

This prototype came about after my desire to explore the VR emergent technology and utilizing for training purposes. I had already been developing some 3D assets for an educational video we were hired to produce for PERC. I took the 3D assets I had created, modified, and imported them into the Unity Game engine and wrote the code for the VR experience. Due to time constraint, the experience was limited to a bulk transfer facility VR environment, where the user could walk around it and learn about all the different plant components. The users could also pick up the components and scale, rotate, and move them to take a closer look from any angle they wished. We then showcased the prototype at the 2018 SEMA/ AAPEX show, it was well received even though it was a simple proof of concept.